Current Tap List

Updated 8-8-18


Draft Beer

Cobra Chicken Brut IPA - Collaboration with Noble Creature Cask House

Superstition Raspberry Rice IPA

Wheatermelon Wheat

Enchantress Session IPA

Amaryllis Amber Ale

Raspberry Wheater

Rye Sour

White Out Stout

Dunk and Weisse

Blackst Out Stout

Bent Blonde

Lil' Jammer Session Pale Ale

 Sweetside IIPA

Apricot Tongue and Groove

Now  Serving :

Maggie's Farm Moscow Mule on tap





Crooked Tongue Bottles

The Labyrinth ~ Barleywine Style Ale aged for 1 year in a Bourbon Barrel, Rested on Black Currants for 6 months

 Gin Barrel Aged Woppyjammer  ~  Bottles Only








We are proud to offer a rotating selection of wine from the following local wineries.


Conneaut Cellars Winery

Webb Winery


 Cambridge Cellars



Just like our beer, we want to keep our menu items fresh and delicious.  Enjoy our food with hand crafted beer, both are unique and flavorful.  To give the best experience, we take pride in partnering with local and neighboring business to allow us to offer the freshest ingredients in all the food we prepare.  

Wednesday & Thursday  4-8:30 pm

Friday & Saturday  4-10:30 pm   


 Apple and Cashew -

House Salad Blend topped with sliced apples, cashews, dried cranberries, chunked bacon, smoked Gouda and seasoned Honey Wheat crouton sticks. Served with Apple butter vinaigrette.


House Salad Blend topped with tomatoes, red onions, artichokes, grilled chicken and feta cheese. Served with Greek Dressing and toasted baguette.


Charcuterie Board -

An arrangement of meats and cheeses on a bamboo board. (Changes Weekly)

Crooked Nachos -

Seasoned Ground Chicken, Smoked Brisket or Smoked Pork, Jalapeno, Red onion, Tomato, Sour Cream, BBQ, Woppyjammer beer cheese, Cilantro

Soft Pretzels -

Three soft pretzels, Woppyjammer Beer Cheese, Dijon Honey Mustard

Chips and Dip -

Rotating chip and dip options

Baked Brie -

Brie cheese wrapped with filo dough and baked. Topped with Cowboy Candy and served with assorted crackers.

Stuffed Mushroom -

Woppyjammer marinated portabella mushroom stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, roasted red peppers, olives, artichokes and quinoa. Served with toasted baguette chips.



Baked Flatbreads - 10

Poorman's - Crispy Flatbread topped with Banana Peppers and CTB House blend of cheeses then drizzled with Garlic oil and Fresh Herbs.

Pepperoni - House-made Tomato Sauce and delicious Pepperoni topped with CTB's house blend of Cheeses and served on a crispy Flatbread

Buffalo Chicken - Homemade Buffalo Chicken smothered in Ranch Dressing and Mozzarella Cheese toasted on a crispy Flatbread

Margarita - Crispy Flatbread topped with House-made Tomato Sauce topped with fresh Mozzarella and chopped Basil

Mushroom & Goat Cheese - Toasted Flatbread with Caramelized Beer-Salmic Onion and Goat Cheese spread, Topped with Portabella Mushrooms, Spring Mix, Red Onion and Sweet Onion Vinaigrette



Rotating Sandwiches -

Smoked Brisket - House Smoked brisket, Provolone cheese, CTB Spicy Pickle, Red Onion, and Spicy Peanut Butter BBQ on a Pretzel Roll. Served with Kettle Cooked Chips

Apple Pork - House Smoked Pork Shoulder Pulled and topped with Sweetside BBQ and Apple Slaw. Served with Kettle Cooked Chips

 California Club - Grilled chicken topped with Guacamole, swiss cheese, and bacon served on a brioche bun with kettle cooked chips.



(ask about weekly chef specialties!)