A love of great beer — that's the inspiration for Crooked Tongue Brewing.


After a long career as a beer connoisseur in college, Cody Greene began brewing beer in his parents' garage in 2008. Cody's interest in brewing grew and he moved his hobby closer to home — to his own backyard. There he began studying the craft of brewing, even growing his own hops, researching different methods and techniques, building his own brew house, and eventually building a garage to house his steadily growing hobby. While taste-testing with friends was a definite perk, brewing beer became a family activity with Cody's two children helping brew root beers and cream sodas.


Eventually Cody's love of great beer and interest in brewing out grew his garage and he decided to take one huge  leap and buy the property that has become the official home to Crooked Tongue Brewing LLC. Crooked Tongue provides a laid back, relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere, both indoor and out. The business is based on the pursuit of good people and great beer. Want to know where Cody got the name? Come visit Crooked Tongue Brewing and we'll be glad to tell you over a pint – or two!


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